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Shampoos, Conditioners, Hand/Body Washes


Product Multi-Use Applications


As hot water is said to be the best germ killer, we recommend its use where appropriate.  A sponge or cloth wrung out in hot water will increase the efficiency of any cleaning product and minimize product use.


Heavily Soiled Areas, Stove Tops, etc.:

Try 1 drop of multi-purpose liquid on a damp cloth.  If stains are heavily baked on, use a small amount of bicarb soda with multi-purpose liquid.


Antiseptic Toilet Cleaner:

To make up yourself, mix 100mL multi-purpose liquid with 5mL tea tree.  Add water to make 1L (or use vinegar instead of water for heavy duty cleaning needs).


Wool Wash:

Excellent for washing all clothes, especially for jumpers, baby clothes, blankets and other clothing items that needs special care.


Other Uses for Vinegar:

Did you know that vinegar used as a final rinse for clothes acts as an anti-static?  Also, for people with skin sensitivities, vinegar as a final clothes rinse will help prevent skin irritations.  Used undiluted, vinegar is great as a window cleaner.  (Use newspaper instead of a cloth to clean windows.)


Garden Spray:

To help rid your garden of aphids, thrip, etc. mix ¼ cup multi-purpose liquid with ½ liters or water.  Spray on affected plant.  Rinse with water from the garden hose.


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Gentle shampoos, conditioners and hand/body washes make them suitable for the most sensitive hair and scalp.

Pure Unscented version have no added colours or fragrances.

Scented versions have pure essential oils added to the gentle liquid base to cleanse and protect in the following:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
    • Harmony Scent (Lemongrass, Orange, Rosemary)
    • Ylang Ylang Scent
    • Create your Own Scent


Purified water, pure essential oils (for scented version), plant-derived fatty acid alcohol, emollient, preservative (BIT and/or CMIT)


  • Hand/Body Wash
    • Medieval Alchemy Scent (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Juniper, Rosemary)
    • Vanilla Musk Scent
    • Create Your Own Scent


Purified water, plant-derived fatty acid alcohol, emollient, preservative (BIT and/or CMIT); pure essential oils and/or fragrant oils and surfactant blend (for scented versions)

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Laundry & Wool Wash



Laundry Liquid:  For front & top loading machines.  Depending on the size of washer & hardness of water, use up to 20mL for front loaders & up to 30mL for top loaders. 

Wool Wash:  For woolens either hand wash or in a machine on wool cycle.  No need to rinse.  Soak 5 mins and lightly spin.



Laundry Liquid:  A blend of cleansers ad surfactants derived from vegetables sources with spirits of orange

Wool Wash:  A blend of cleansers ad surfactants derived from vegetables sources with Eucalyptus oil

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Dishwashing & Multi-Use Liquid



Dishwashing Liquid:  Hand dishwashing in sink

Multi-Purpose Liquid:  Suitable for most uses: E.g. Washing dishes, floors, cars, etc.  Concentrated formula detergent.



Dishwashing Liquid:  A blend of cleansers ad surfactants derived from vegetables sources with Lemongrass essential oils and/or fragrances.

Multi-Purpose Liquid:  A blend of cleansers ad surfactants derived from vegetables sources without added fragrances.

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Cleaners and Disinfectants



Vinegar Magic: For bathrooms & kitchens:

  • Can be used in a spray pack to wipe down benches and tables or used neat as a natural antiseptic in the toilet and bathroom

Eucalyptus Disinfectant: Dilution rates as follows:

  • 1 to 4 for disinfectant
  • 1 to 24 for antiseptic
  • 1 to 99 for general cleaning

Window Cleaner: Non-streak.  Spray directly onto glass and wipe clean.  For best non-streak results wipe off with newspaper



Vinegar Magic: Vinegar, disinfectant, lavender & tea tree essential oils

Eucalyptus Disinfectant:  A hospital-strength disinfectant with eucalyptus

Window Cleaner:  Sugar derived solvent, cloudy ammonia, S.L.E.S (vegetable), cosmetic fragrance, and distilled water

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