WHERE & HOW To Get Your Refills


1. NEW!  Home Delivery Service


Come visit us at your local weekend market.  See our market calendar for locations and dates, or stay in touch with our facebook events page.


2.  At Your Local Market

3.  Booking Us At YOUR Local Community Events


We come to you!  If you are involved with regular community and school events and would like us to be part of it you can book us on a regular basis.  We'll setup and offer all the same great refill as we do at our markets but more personalized to your event schedule and location. 

Simply contact us for more information.  We'd love to be part of your events!



Deliveries are the best way to get your refills.  Because we are a roaming operation and do not operate out of a shop location, our movements can vary from week to week and market to market.  Market schedules can change but our home delivery service will allow to you to have your fill at regular intervals to your doorstep.  That way you won't miss us to get your refills.


Minimum order is based on distance, with no shipping charge.  You only pay for the products you order.

If the MIN order is outside your budget, may we suggest pooling an order together with your friends, family, neighbours and local community.


General MIN order purchase quantities are as follows:

Zone 1: 5km radius of Belgrave = $60

Zone 2: 10km radius of Belgrave = $100

Zone 3: 15km radius of Belgrave = $140

Zone 4: 20km radius of Belgrave = $170

Outside zone 4?  No problem, we can still deliver to you. 

Simply contact us to see what your MIN order will be.


To know exactly which zone you fall into simply contact us for more details.


A new revamped website with an e-shop

online ordering system coming soon!


In the meantime, please fill in your order and email back to us

By placing an order request with us you are confirming that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.