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Back To Basics Product Information & Uses

Cleaning Products

  • All products are vegetable based (* disinfectant is hospital grade)
  • Base Ingredients: vegetable oils, bi-carb soda, washing soda, vinegar & food grade preservatives
  • No formaldehyde, petrochemicals or animals products are used

Product Multi-Use Applications

As hot water is said to be the best germ killer, we recommend its use where appropriate. A sponge or cloth wrung out in hot water will increase the efficiency of any cleaning product and minimize product use.

Heavily Soiled Areas, Stove Tops, etc.:

Try 1 drop of multi-purpose liquid on a damp cloth. If stains are heavily baked on, use a small amount of bicarb soda with multi-purpose liquid.

Antiseptic Toilet Cleaner:

To make up yourself, mix 100mL multi-purpose liquid with 5mL tea tree. Add water to make 1L (or use vinegar instead of water for heavy duty cleaning needs).

Wool Wash:

Excellent for washing all clothes, especially for jumpers, baby clothes, blankets and other clothing items that needs special care.

Other Uses for Vinegar:

Did you know that vinegar used as a final rinse for clothes acts as an anti-static? Also, for people with skin sensitivities, vinegar as a final clothes rinse will help prevent skin irritations. Used undiluted, vinegar is great as a window cleaner. (Use newspaper instead of a cloth to clean windows.)

Garden Spray:

To help rid your garden of aphids, thrip, etc. mix ¼ cup multi-purpose liquid with ½ liters or water. Spray on affected plant. Rinse with water from the garden hose.