Euca Product Information

Euca Products ingredient and safety data sheets can be found here.

For more informative facts about Euca products and their eco-friendly impact on the environment, please check out their 'Know The Facts' page here.

Euca laundry and dishwashing powders are not only designed to clean your clothing and dishes, but also machines. They will clean the "insides", pipes and filters of your machines as well.

Upon first using Euca Dishwashing Powder or Laundry Powder you may experience (sometimes) that a residue will appear on your glasses, dishes and clothes, etc. This is not a residue from the Euca cleaning products. Euca is actually cleaning out the insides of your machine.

Euca recommendeds to run your machine empty using the cleaning products for the first time. Use about 40g with the longest cycle your machine has available.

Check the filter as well before doing this as it may have a large build up over time and will need some manual cleaning to achieve a thorough result.

Once completed your machine will be fully cleaned "inside" and will not leave anymore residue, as Euca is made to dissolve completely. Plus it does not have those nasty fillers that can be found blocking the pipes and hoses of your machines.