Where & How

1. Home Delivery

Pre-order your refills ahead of time1. Same great product range as the markets with better stock predictability, product customization and frequency to suit your schedule! No delivery charge. Only a minimum order amount.2

Plus! We can collect your empty containers on our first delivery if you have no use for them. These will be used for other refills around the community or for your next order.

2. Self Collection

You can choose to collect your pre-filled orders from us in one of two ways or refill your own containers with us in Sale, VIC.


Browse Our Refills

Browse our refill product range.


Email Us Your Order

Email us with your order indicating from the following 2 options how and where you'd like to collect your order.


Pre-filled Collection

If you would like us to prefill your order from our collection of clean reusable containers, we will send your order with payment details prior to you collecting.


Refill on Site

If you would like to refill your own containers, we arrange a suitable time for you to come refill and collect from us.

* Please note: this is a private residence, not a shop open to the public. Therefore self-collection and refills on-site must be scheduled in advance. This option is cash only on the day however change can be made.

* Notes:

  • 1 Lead times may apply for large orders and/or low stock availability.
  • 2 MIN order amount is based on your postal code for free delivery.
  • * If the MIN order amount is more than your desired order we always encourage practicing social permaculture; by pooling your order with your friends, family and fellow community neighbours in one bulk order.

    Combining a refill order with friends, family or your fellow neighbours? Simply add the distribution of your order (e.g. 2L shampoos equals 2x 1L) into the optional ordering notes section on the checkout page and we will refill your order accordingly.