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We work with local wholesale suppliers who understand and are aligned with our purpose. We work predominantly with companies that accept return and therefore reuse containers, those that provide product in reusable or compostable packaging, along with providing eco-friendly products. We aim to keep all the nasty harmful ingredients we very often find in commercial sectors away from both you, and the planet.

Where products are sourced?

Our core range of bulk liquid and powder refills are from Back To Basics and Euca. Both brands are located in Melbourne's Western suburbs and are family owned companies (Euca is 3rd generation). We chose Back To Basics as their products are plant based with no formaldehyde, petrochemicals or animals products used, earth friendly, simple and effective, and the company allows us to return the containers to be reused (therefore contributing both to less 'food miles' as they're local, and less plastic back up the supply chain as well).

Euca products are similarly earth friendly and are particularly safe for grey water use on plants. Similarly to Back To Basics, Euca is focused on providing products with no nasties, but without compromising on quality. Their products have an eco-friendly impact on the environment, highly concentrated for minimal product usage, gentle yet highly effective, no palm oils used and are grey-water and septic system safe. Check out their 'Know The Facts' page here. For more information on product ingredient and safety data sheets can be found here.

Our personal care refills range are sourced with ingredients predominantly within Australia. We choose products from quality suppliers, source organic ingredients where possible, and make purchasing decisions that include our own footprint (miles, packaging etc). Our aim is to be purchase conscious not only of the footprint of our products from us to you, but from the supplier to us as well. While none of our products are designed to be ingested, we know that anything that touches your skin ends up in your bloodstream and as such, we don't add anything to our specialty products we wouldn't be satisfied to ingest.

We are always working on improving our footprint on Mother Earth by; working with suppliers to reduce packaging, sourcing local manufactured goods and ingredients where possible and reviewing suppliers regularly so as to be able to support those that are most aligned with our approach and philosophy. While we make the greatest effort to align ourselves with local and ethical suppliers and manufacturers of ingredients with earth friendly practices, on rare occasions some ingredients may be manufactured overseas. Many of the ingredients however, we find are still natural, chemical and GMO-free even without the organic certification. We may not be perfect, but "we don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly". - Anne-Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef

How are our containers reused?

We return our bulk containers to our local wholesale suppliers for them to reuse internally, for them to donate and upcycle to their suppliers for reuse, or for us to simply refill our bulk supply of products.

If we are unable to return our bulk containers to our suppliers we find a use for them around the community. We either use the containers ourselves for personal use around the gardens or donate the containers to local farmers or community members for their own personal use.

We always endeavor to find a reuse solution with someone within our community.